Until Dawn: Rush of Blood brings its unique choice driven horror to Playstation VR

If you couldn’t tell from our review and high praise on our weekly podcast, we loved Sony’s sleeper hit of the year, Until Dawn. Now we’re going to be getting more Choice-Driven horror in a completely different way. A VR Rollercoaster Ride.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a Playstation VR exclusive title that was announced yesterday during Sony’s Paris Game Week Press Conference and is set to place you in the world of Until Dawn as a cool/creepy carnival ride.

Executive Producer Simon Harris stated in a promotional video (above) that the game will be a rollercoaster ride of one of the character’s descent into madness, (judging by the events of the game, we can kind of guess who.) The game will still heavily focus on choices as “it wouldn’t be a game set in the Until Dawn world without choices,” according to Harris.

No release date has been given for the title as of yet.