Lionsault – Are You Feeling Lucky? – Review


When you think of the music scene in New Brunswick Canada, you might instantly think that country and folk being the dominant genre at the local bars and pubs. Instead, you’ll find a lot of Rock and Metal bands dominating the scene, and some with a lot of talent. This is exactly what you get with Lionsault, a three-piece band from Miramichi which consists of Kortni Nicols for Vocals and Bass, Taylor Sheasgreen on Guitar as well as Backup Vocals, and Chase Nicols on the Drums.

The band has been rocking the scene, even promoting the rise of Metal shows in the Provence by opening for Motorleague at one of their most recent shows. Their debut Album, “Are you feeling Lucky?” was released back in September, so we thought we should give it a listen.

The Sound of the album

The album is a good mix of modern metal, with elements of classic rock/metal implanted in the album. The sound of the album feels like, it has a lot similarity to modern metal bands such as The Pretty Reckless and Five Finger Death Punch, but there are also hints of 80’s American and British metal like Megadeth, Judas priest and Motorhead for certain parts of some of the songs on the album and it flows nicely with the rest of the album. The lead singer, she has a very powerful and metal orientated voice such as Care Failure (Die Mannequin), Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) or Cristina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL), which is very awesome because you don’t see to many female lead signers in this genre of music.

The songs from the album

Living with the Devil, is a song that deals with of a lot emotions and also with ideals such as death and the concept of heaven and hell. At its core the song is very progressive and it’s similar to God Is Dead? By Black Sabbath it had a lot of the same kind of themes in the songs and that is why I find it as one of the most powerful songs on the album and a must listen.

Some of other songs that I really enjoyed on the album are Reckless, High Stakes, Counting Down, Running Wild.

End then there was LMD at the end of the album, holy shit this is a 6:24 min amazing piece of progressive music such as Dream Theater, TOOL or LACUNA COIL the song just felt like it went on for miles it was so massive and powerful… just amazing

End remarks

Simply is a solid record for a debut artist, I enjoyed most of the tracks on the album and if you’re a fan of modern metal with elements of classic rock/metal you should go check them out here:

And Just released today, Lionsault’s first music video for “Living with the Devil.”


  • Kathy Somers

    Excellent Album….Going to get it !!!