Quantic Dream continues the story of Kara in Detroit

Do you remember Quantic Dream’s 2012 Tech Demo “Kara”? It was a short 7-minute video that ran in real-time on the PS3. The short featured an Android who developed emotions while in the process of being built. As a tech demo, it was really something amazing to see in 2012, but the studio didn’t go anywhere with the project as they were working on Beyond: Two Souls.

That is until David Cage’s announcement yesterday at Sony’s Paris Game Week press conference, where he revealed the studio’s next game called Detroit which features Kara as the main character.

The game’s story follows Kara as she leaves her factory and explores a life she wasn’t built for, while set in a  a futuristic world where lifelike androids coexist with humans, though they are clearly segregated and relegated to serving their creators. David Cage stated that the game will explore “what it means to be human” as a main theme.

There has been no release date planned for the game yet, but Cage has confirmed that it will be a PS4 exclusive.