Street Fighter gets a release date, new fighter and 6 planned DLC fighters

During Sony’s Paris Games Week briefing yesterday, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono had a few major announcements for their upcoming fighter, Street Fighter V. Starting with a February 16 2016 release date for both PC and PS4.

The announcement also included the addition of another classic fighter, Dhalsim, will be joining the roster. While we don’t have the full roster of characters yet, Ono also confirmed that the game will feature at least 6 DLC characters for future release.

There was an interesting twist to how Capcom is dealing with DLC in this iteration of the classic fighting series, as you can purchase the game’s DLC with in-game money.  Capcom confirmed that “gameplay” items can be purchased with in-game money earned by completing goals, leveling up your characters and generally playing the game. Capcom also confirmed that this will only affect items that will affect gameplay, while costumes and cosmetics will be purchasable.