Marvel looking into Ultimate Alliance port issues


Earlier this week, Activision relaunched an updated port of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, the beloved Diablo-esque Marvel RPG that was popular during late days of the PS2 and Xbox. The two games were priced at $39.99 a piece or $69.99 for a bundle, while already quite a steep price; fans of the series who looked past the price were treated to a slew of issues with the game on both consoles and PC.

The PC being the worst offender, with the games experiencing issues with controller support, audio spikes, crashes, and bad keyboard and mouse mapping. Consoles also experienced their fair share of problems, with reports of the Xbox One port of Ultimate Alliance missing Achievements, lag, missing DLC and more.

These problems lead to influx of bad reviews for the two classics. One of the most damning reviews stated that the game was “The most impudent release in my lifetime. Even Arkham Knight was less messed up.”

There is some possible good news to come from this, as Bill Rosemann, creative director at Marvel Games, has taken the influx of negative reviews to heart and is looking into the situation. “#UltimateAlliance fans, we hear you & are sharing your concerns with our friends at Activision! Please stay tuned!” Rosemann wrote on Twitter.

No word on what will be done to correct the issues and hopefully we’ll hear from Activison or Marvel Games soon.