Meet Pendles, Battleborn’s 27th Badass


Battleborn’s latest character, Pendles, is for those who prefer to play the long game of sneaking, poisoning and doing some fast brawling damage. Pendles is a snake like creature called a Roa, who specialize in assassination tactics; with the automatic passive ability to turn invisible until hit or attacked, while this is active, his speed increases and able to race around the map fairly easily.

As of attacks, Pendles work quick with twin Kama’s made from animal skulls and ninja stars for range attacks which can be upgraded to throw multiple stars as he levels up. Pendles also comes with the ability to throw smoke bombs which does some damage and on further upgrades can throw Pendles back and even cloak him. His second special is Injection, which causes a large amount of damage plus slows down opponents for two seconds, this can be upgrade with a lunging ability, and adds a poison effect. His Ultimate attack, Miasma, which covers him in an airborne poison and places speeds up Injection’s cooldown to 3 seconds, allowing a player to effectively use the skill at least 3 times while the ultimate is active.

Pendles is available now for for season pass owners, while everyone else can pick up the character next week on August 4th for 47,500 in-game credits. You can currently pick up Battleborn, along with other fine 2K games like The Darkness 2 and Spec Ops: The Line as part of the 2K Humble Bundle for $15, the deal will be available for the next 4 days as of this posting.