What to Expect from Future Updates for Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is has been taking the mobile gaming world by storm since its release, garnering both the attention of older Pokemon fans and new ones alike. Yet the app has been met with criticism by many users regarding its lack of content in its current state; thankfully for them, however, additional features are planned to be added to the app within the upcoming months.


The game, as of now, only has the first generation of Pokemon with the exception of any of the first generation Legendary Pokemon. Ninantic has so far said that Legendary Pokemon for the game will not be released until its worldwide launch is fully complete. So far the app has only been released in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and most of Europe; with the plan being to release the app in Asia, Africa, and South America hopefully sometime in August.

On this note, interestingly enough a current glitch has made it so that the game can be played in South Korea, but only in the city of Sokcho.

Pokemon centers have been confirmed to be added to the game in future updates, but specific details as to what their role will be are not yet known. It can probably be safe to assume that they will still have at least something to do with healing your injured Pokemon, as has been the case in past games.

Both the gyms and Pokestops already present in the game will be also updated to allow for customization options. In the future, you’ll finally be able to add some homely touches to your hard-earned gym. Supposedly Pokestops will be able to be transformed into the aforementioned Pokemon centers, though additional information has yet to be provided regarding more about this process or if that will in fact be the case in future updates.

Other new ways to battle with your Pokemon will come in the form of “raid” events that will take place in separate cities. The events will have players grouping up to take on a common objective. It can be assumed that the city wide events will only be available within a certain time frame, but no official word has been released as how the events will play out.


Each of three teams in the game will also now have a respective leader. Their purpose to give the player helpful advice as they play the game in different ways. The leaders will also allow the teams to stand out more from each other as well.

A feature that has been commonly requested for by fans is the option to battle friends and other Pokemon trainers. Players should have this option in future updates, along with being able to team up with their friends to battle against other similarly made groups.

Another big feature that players have been yearning for is trading, and Niantic CEO, John Hanke, has stated that trading will be coming to Pokemon Go. As with a lot of these planned features, there isn’t too much else known about what trading will be like and how it’s done. The game’s beta did include a trading feature which allowed players to send trade request to nearby trainers also using the app, but for whatever reason this was omitted from the game’s official release.

While the overall the details of future content currently planned for Pokemon Go is fairly slim, it does give us a hint of what’s to come and gives Pokemon Go players something that they can be excited about. Other than the game’s release in other regions of the world sometime within the next month, there is no official release date for when these new features will be added in future updates.