Bear with me

Bear with me is a point and click, story driven “horror” noir adventure game.  Being developed by and indie company called Exordium games, a company that was founded in late 2014 with a goal to deliver great experiences to player through a wide variety titles, genre, and platforms.  Stating they’re always looking for new and innovating ways to deliver fun to players.

BWM_Have you seen him yet

Bear with me is an episodic game,  revolving around a young girl named amber and her trusty detective teddy bear, ironically named Ted E. Bear.  The game starts off with Amber being awoken in the middle of the night after having had a nightmare to find her brother has gone missing.  Unaware of the dangers ahead, they set out to find clues to his location, and interrogate all witnesses and suspects ahead.  The plot to the story only thickens and  as they find out about the recent troubles in paper city after a man dressed in red appeared.  With apparent arson around the city, and the mysterious “red man” asking question about Amber and her location.  The game feature plenty of dialog options that drive the story forward,  the first Episode leaving plenty of questions, and even more questions to be asked with every answer found.

BWM_Flint's Room

This title is your standard 2D point and click adventure.  Filled with puns,  Easter eggs, and sarcastic Humor,  I had a few chuckles playing the game but also rolled my eyes more than once at some of the outdated humor.  With a non-linear Story Driven by your dialog options, a decent variety or clues and puzzles to solve, and plenty of items to click on, search, and examine I found myself spending the better part of the game clicking every light fixture and painting just to hear more witty comments.  The game also features and simply hint system to avoid pixel hunting,  I found myself confused on a couple of occasions simply for not paying attention to detail.  The point and click aspect is fairly standard within the industry, being able to click on any item to interact with it, and walking over to it automatically, instead of having to click close enough to the object before being able to interact was a fantastic time saver


With Uniquely drawn art and animation, Bear with me was a very pleasing experience for me.  I truly enjoyed myself looking over the fine detail in every room.  Looking for Easter eggs I mentioned before,  from the Fnaf fan,  the Jason mask from Friday the 13th, and what appeared to be an Iron Man action figure in the closet.  All I can really say is that a lot of attention to detail was spent on Bear with me, which lead me to personally investigate without exception every element of each room.  One thing that really caught my attention was the comic book style narrative that happen through the game at set points,  which help set the game in motion when I seemed to lose interested.


Having an original soundtrack as helped me a great deal to immerse myself within the game.  placing myself in Ted E. bear’s Shoes.  You can Hear the rain through the walls, Ringing on top of what sounds like a metal roof.  Little attention to details like Different doors having dissimilar sounds when opening.  The voice actors used match every character attached to them.  its how envision they would sound even before I interacted with the character.  I am overall pleased with the audio Exordium implemented into Bear with me.

BWM_The Mugshot Brothers

Over all I’m very anxious to see what future episodes of Bear with me hold.  even though I though the first episode was lacking in content after having replayed it a few times to really grab a feel for it I found myself being able to rush through it in roughly a half hour.  With only a hand full of noteworthy events in the first and short episode, I was left wanting more!  With more episodes on the way it will Definitely be a worthy addition to your steam library, especially if your love point and click story games.


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