Love On Rails – GalGun Double Peace Review


I’ve always enjoyed Rail Shooters and to be honest, it was probably the real reason I wanted a Wii when it was released. While titles like House of the Dead OverKill and The Resident Evil Chronicles titles satisfied my hunger on last gen, this generation feels like there isn’t any room for First Person Arcade fun.

Just as I start to get my hopes up, in comes Inti Creates and publisher PQube for bringing a lovely, unique, and perverted Rail Shooter with enough replay value that actually supports enough playthroughs to warrant the price tag. All 100% uncensored from its original content.


Gal*Gun Double Peace is the second game in the series, but requires little knowledge about the title, the only thing you need to know is this. It is a game where you are shooting Japanese Schoolgirls with Euphoria to make them… relax?


Hmm… on second thought, we might need to explain ourselves here.

Gal*Gun puts you in the shoes of Houdai, a school nobody who people largely ignore. His only friends are two sisters who he hasn’t talked with in 3 years due to what he believes is a family issue, in which the younger sister left. Things change one day when Houdai is shot with a Fully Charged Love Shot from a cupid in training, making him irresistible to Women.

This puts Houdai in a predicament, if he does not find his true love by the end of the day, he will be forever alone, not even Dogs will love him. Ekoro, the aforementioned cupid in training, decides to help him on his quest by giving him the power of the Pheromone Shot, a power which injects pure love into a target, filling them with… ecstasy… Houdai is forced to use his powers through the school as his female classmates all come after him with hugs, love notes and words of affection until he can find his one true love.


As with most Rail Shooters, players or placed on track while swarms of girls come after Houdai, controlling a cursor to aim and fire the Pheromone Shot. While multiple shots are needed to bring down most opponents, players can aim for Ecstasy shots which will down opponents in cries of joy. Players can also use the Doki-Doki mode which allows you to send an overflow of ecstasy to a single or multiple girls… by rubbing and touching sensitive spots on their body. Following a successful Doki-Doki mode, the girls… explode… with ecstasy… that wipes out any remaining targets.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is it’s replayability. Houdai is given multiple routes to go through, some affecting the game’s storyline, levels, bosses and endings. Players are given the choice to follow a specific choice for their love, either between the two sisters Houdai has a history with, the Angel and Demon who are messing with his life currently, or the option to let fate decided and select one of the many girls in the school to fall for him. Each path is also given multiple endings ranging from bad to True.

One of the “Boss Battles”

On top of this, the levels are riddled with collectible items. From score increasing “Mr. Happy” dolls to hidden items which will help raise girls affections and give you “Angel Feathers”, the game’s currency which can help you increase stats and also unlock a special ending.

Despite it’s lewd situations and humour, GalGun Double Peace is a solid game. After 4 playthroughs of the game, I was enjoying the frantic Rail Shooting gameplay that I’d expect more from The House of the Dead series than this. The fact that there is enough of a Replay Value to back up the solid gameplay is more than enough to enjoy this game.


But the game isn’t for everyone, if you’re not a person who can stand Lewd Positions, a gratuitous amount of Panty Shots, and things that make it awkward to explain to family or friends watching you play. Then you might want try something else.

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