Join the fight and turn the tide of war, the Infinium Strike Review!


The Tower Defence genre is a hard to get right genre. If done right, the game can be challenging, addicting and of course, fun. If done wrong, it becomes a time sink that you come back to only when you feel like you have absolutely nothing to play. Enter Infinium Strike, a Tower Defence game from  Codex Worlds, a small Austin Texas-based development team which features ex-Ubisoft members. As Codex Worlds debut title, the game sought funding via Kickstarter and is finally seeing a release on July 14th 2016 on PC, while coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year.


Infinium Strike takes place in the year 2170 A.D. As Humans have been in a long 20 year war with The Wrog, a sentient, hybrid organic/metallic creatures hellbent on humanity’s extinction. For the duration of the conflict, Hundreds of Earth’s colonies and thousands of TSF (Terran Space Force) ships have been lost to the Wrog. The last hope is the Freedom Strike, a massive battle cruiser which has one mission, “annihilate the Wrog and save our species!”

Your main goal in Infinium Strike is to protect all four sides of the Freedom Strike, to do this you need to build turrets to defend the ship. As you progress you’ll have the ability to upgrade the ship up to four upgrade levels so you can unlock the ability to not only add more turrets on each side of the ship, but also unlock much more advance turrets with better range or increased damage. The Play area is divided into 3 sectors with different types of enemies in each sectors, and each available turret can only fire on enemies in a specific sector, so with this you need to develop strategies to defeat enemies in each of the 3 sectors.


At the beginning of each mission you will be given some Infinium, which acts as the game’s currency and major plot development item, which is used to build some basic turrets to defend Freedom Strike, after defeating enemy Wrog ships you’ll gain more Infinium to give you the ability to build new turrets, upgrade turrets and upgrade the ship. During parts of the game you also have the ability to use special features such as SuperTech or deploy the different ships in the TSF Fleet to take down enemy Wrog.

For campaign missions; there are specific objectives that you have to complete in order to complete the mission, providing an extra challenge to the game.  Meanwhile the game also features an Endless Arcade mode, which will set you against wave after wave of homicidal aliens in a true test of skill.


The team at Codex Worlds did a great job of making a great looking game, from the slick 3d models including the Freedom Strike, the turrets and the awesome looking Wrog’s that you battle against. However the game really excels in the special effects department with the impressive explosions and the ability to have massive amounts of enemies on-screen in a scene of absolute chaos.



The Sounds design and music score is very impressive, giving the same epic feel that you could find in games such as Mass Effect and Halo, followed by the game’s great Narration during the intro to every campaign mission which helps build the desperate world that you’re now a part of. However, despite how great the Narration and the progress in the story, it still leaves a bit more desired as to the background of the Wrog War and more insight to our devious enemy.

IS_Gameplay_ FreedomStrike_ToxicMass_Hits

As a debut title, Infinium Strike is impressive. From the great strategy gameplay, to the impressive visuals, and everything in-between. This is a tower defence game worth sinking your teeth in, you should go check it out on Steam.

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