Alien: Isolation adds Nightmare and Novice difficulty for free


Are you blasting through the hardest difficulty of Alien: Isolation without any problems? or does the terrifying Xenomorph tend to find and kill you at every turn on easy? If you fall on any one of these spectrum then the latest free update to our Horror game of the year nominee will definitely be up your air vent… that sounded really wrong for some reason.

Creative Assembly has added two new difficulty mode to the title, Nightmare and Novice.

Nightmare is guaranteed to get your heart pumping as it promises an “ultimate alien” experience with a Xenomorph that is even more aggressive and adapts quicker to situations. On top of the slimy killer stalking you from the shadows is several other tweaks which includes a broken motion tracker which delivers unreliable information, as well as limited resources an a faster burning flamethrower.

On the other side is Novice which changes the Xenomorph into a cute puppy that just wants to snuggle.

Actually the Xenomorph will be much slower, less adaptive and reacts more to attention grabbing effects making it much easier to hide from. Creative Assembly also stated that the combat will be much easier between both the Xenomorph and the Sevastopol Androids with plenty of resources for you hoarders.

Sega and Creative Assembly have made out a list of details for the two new modes on the official site.