Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD coming to PS4 this spring


There comes a time when you have to wonder, how many times will I buy the same game updated for a new console. That’s the question a lot of Final Fantasy fans have been asking this week as Square Enix announced the second Final Fantasy remake coming to the PS4 following the announcement of the updated PC version of Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy X/X2 will be coming to the PS4 this spring with some console exclusive features. Square did not go into details about what these features are, but did mention that these features will also be included for Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy X/X2 was recently re-released for the PS3 and Vita back in March. The PS4 version of X/X2 will be priced at $50 when it launches, and Final Fantasy VII will have a $16 pricetag.