Twitch introducing a new Tipping feature for streamers


Twitch announced yesterday that they will be testing out a new feature called “Cheering.” Cheering will be a new way to financially back a streamer by using animated emotes (called bits) and post them in Twitch Chat to show their support. This can be done by simply typing in the word cheer followed by a number (example: cheer10 or cheer225).

Players can buy Bits using Amazon’s payment system (as Amazon is Twitch’s Parent Company), and it is meant to be used in a way that will make streams more interactive and allow viewers to help back the players they enjoy without committing to subscribing to their channel.


While the idea of using these bits for impressive performances on stream is an interesting one, many users are wondering who actually benefits from the use of Cheering, with many users on Twitch and Reddit asking how much of a cut players are getting from receiving bits and whether this will interfere with donations done by Paypal.

While Twitch hasn’t confirmed the cut it will be taking, they did mention that the program is currently in Beta and that they’ll be taking feedback on what works moving forward. For more information on the new feature and what accounts are currently part of the beta phase, visit the Twitch Blog.

Just to point out, many users have also mentioned that this is not really a new feature to Live Streaming, as adult webcam sites have been doing this for years under the guise of Tipping.