This Indie Game Has The Graphics of a Triple-A Title While Only Having One Developer


When you consider an indie game being made by one person, you usually expect that the developer has to find some way to compensate for their visuals not being able to meet the standards of AAA titles. However, one man by the name of Yang Bing has shown that a team consisting of one sole member can produce a game with graphics that match the caliber of those with over a hundred members behind their creation by releasing the trailer for his in-development project titled Lost Soul Aside.

Inspired by the trailers for FFXV, Bing set to create a game featuring similar visuals by utilizing the Unreal Engine 4. After two years of work, he’s finally been able to show the fruits of his labor with a trailer of in-game footage that is already impressing hundreds of people. As of the release of this article, the trailer for the game on YouTube has already amassed over a million views.

The game is still in development and is considered to be in the prototype stage by Bing, so what we see in the trailer will very likely be different from the final product. Bing has already stated the game’s graphic design will change in the future to make it less closely resemble FFXV and be more unique. While there is still much that has yet to be revealed concerning the game’s story, characters, and other various aspects, it can be seen from the trailer that the gameplay of Lost Soul Aside will resemble that of games like Devil May Cry.


Bing hasn’t given any sort of release date for the project, as he still is unsure if he can fully complete the game or not. Though he has commented that he has been contacted by Sony and Epic Games about the game, which could give hope toward the game being completed. The possibility of a Kickstarter for the project has also been brought up, but Bing has stated that he is hesitant in setting up any type of crowd funding until he is fully sure that the game can be finalized.

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Lost Soul Aside is currently being developed for just the PC, but Bing is open to bringing the game to other platforms if the demand is high enough. You can visit Yang Bing’s Twitter and Facebook page, as well as the Facebook page for the game itself, for additional details and updates about the game as he releases them.