Powers TV Series cancelled


Sad news for fans of the Playstation original series, Powers, as the comic creator, Brian Michael Bendis, announced that the series has been cancelled after second season. Bendis announced the cancellation of the project in a 2-part-tweet stating:

Powers focused on a division of the police who specialized in cases dealing with Superheroes, Meta-humans, and Villains. Like the comic it based off of, the show was bloody, violent and extremely entertaining. The show also brought in the likes of Sharlto Copley (District 9, Hardcore Henry) as Walker, a Power turned detective after losing his abilities, the show featured the talents of Eddie Izzard, Michelle Forbes, Michael Madsen, Tricia Helfer and others.

The series’ first season came and went with little fanfare, this is likely due to the low budget graphics and the lack of release in Canada, which finally happened a year later when the second season was released. The second season of the show followed the comic’s first major story arc: “Who Killed RetroGirl.”

So is this the end of Walker and the rest of the Powers Division? Maybe not, as Bendis remains hopeful that the series will see new life as the second season’s first episode received 4.5 million hits, and mostly positive reviews. The comic itself is continuing with Marvel with the latest storyline, “Diamond Days” coming soon.