See how you’ll play Yarny’s adventure in Unravel’s latest trailer

Unravel, to me, was easily one of the best things about E3 this year, and at Gamescom last week we got a 3 minute gameplay trailer showing just how we’ll be experiencing Yarny’s adventure.

In the upcoming EA indie platform, players will have to think smart as they travel the world as Yarny’s adventure will only go as far as his amount of yarn will take him. Yarny will be able to use his yarn to take on obstacles by creating swings, bridges or¬†trampolines, but this along with even moving will use up the amount of yarn you have left. Don’t fear though as you’ll be able to fine more yarn to add to your amount to help Yarny continue.

Unravel is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, however no release date has been given as of yet. You can check out the physics gameplay for the cute puzzle-platformer above.