Ratings board leaks ZombiU PS4 and Xbox One port


2012’s Wii U exclusive, ZombiU, might be coming over to PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the near future if a recent leak from Taiwan’s Game Software Rating Regulations board and Australia’s Classification Board is correct. The game, now titled Zombi (without the U), is being published by Ubisoft, and listed several promotional art, including the new shorten logo.

The game has yet to be fully announced by Ubisoft, whose CEO Yves Guillemot has said that the game was not profitable during it’s initial launch on the Wii U despite critical acclaim.

If this is indeed true, we’re wondering how this will be ported over. ZombiU was a launch title for the Wii U and in which focused heavily on the system’s GamePad that may not translate well to the other consoles. While we’re sure some sort of system will be worked out for the survival game, we’ll just have to see when (and if) the game comes out.