Ken is no longer a Ryu clone in Street Fighter 5. IDW crossover comic with GI Joe

It looks like Ken is stepping out of Ryu’s shadow and developing his own style in Street Fighter V. A new announcement trailer was released at SDCC this weekend which showed off Ken’s new style, both in fighting and looks.

So what’s different? Well, Ken will not be sporting his signature Red Gi (at least not in his usual fashion) and will step away from the classic Shotokan fight style to be a more “in your face” style fighter, complete with fire-enhanced kicks and strikes. Some classic moves like the shoryuken will continue to be in his arsenal, but a lot of the move sets will be different.

Of course that wasn’t the only bit of Street Fighter news that we got from SDCC this weekend as Capcom announced a partnership with Hasbro to create a six part crossover mini-series comic with G.I.Joe, which will be published by IDW.

While not much about the comic was mentioned, Capcom did teased battles between the likes of M. Bison and Cobra, Vega and Storm Shadow. The comic is stated to be out sometime next year, assuming around the time of Street Fighter V’s release.