Nosgoth Beta / Early Access Review

“Visit the dark fantasy world of the legacy of Kain series and experience the human and vampire struggle first-hand. Hundreds of years of conflict and hatred, each race pitted against the other.


For Supremacy. For Survival. This is the war for Nosgoth.”

Nosgoth at it’s heart is a team shooter whose fate is uncertain with the massive influx of team shooters that will take center state in the early months of 2016.  Initial the game play reminded me of the Aliens-Colonial-Marines pvp. The game introduces you to the base classes in a quick tutorial “Hunter” for the humans and “Reaver” for the vampires. Both tutorials and quite quick and to the point teaching you about your offensive skill, defensive skill strong weak and special attacks.

After the tutorial its time to jump into the action……and after the 5-15 minute queue times you get dumped into a lobby for your specified game type. “New recruit” 4v4 game-mode with a level cap, “Team Death-match” 4v4 team mode, and “Flashpoint” 4v4 objective based game-mode. These game modes are pretty standard as far as team shooters go and things are pretty much as expected.


Where Nosgoth takes a slight change on the formula is “rounds” in each round you will play as either Humans or Vampires and switch to the other in round 2. your cumulative success in score and round victory will determine the victor and how much exp and in game currency you will own personally.


I am a big fan of the “personal score” idea. teams can carry you a bit in this game but self development seems to take priority. One thing i did notice IMMEDIATELY is that the game isn’t simply drop in and win formula you may want to wade in the kiddy pool for a bit as a new recruit to earn some XP, some new skills and weapon upgrades. When i dove into the regular 4v4 playlist i was getting stomped. It didnt seem to matter how aggressive or defensive i played. Running in Rambo or playing as team based as possible, the fact of the matter is i was getting steam rolled.

I don’t have all the details on how the skill and progression work i will dive into that possibly in a later review. however it seems at first glance there is some serious power to be gained in later levels. this is beyond the unlocking Sentinels whom are ridiculously overpowered flying hell demons. I was getting 2 shot and well…. people i was shooting definitely did not die in two hits.


“^The guys are totally jerks ^”

Nosgoth is currently in open beta / early access, so how is it? Graphically Nosgoth is pretty good / average in terms of graphics with behemoth games like Overwatch coming out in the same genre its hard not to notice some of the shortfalls in Nosgoth’s graphics. How does it play? for the most part it feels quick smooth with the occasional hick up, pop ins weird animations etc. When playing the Vampires, Reaver specifically there is some very weird clipping and climbing issues with this character i hope to see rectified that take me out of the experience.


All in all Nosgoth seems like a pretty good experience if things round out. The fighting is pretty fun the classes are varied it seems they are taking skill trees and equipment progression serious and! its free to play. Currently nosgoths biggest short fall seems to be its publisher Square. There is no advertisement for this Game ANYWHERES. this game is fre to play and has beaten almost every team shooter to the market this year and Square is kind of dropping the ball big time. When i was streaming last week there were only about 100 people total watching the Nosgoth directory. Currently as of this minute there is 17 viewers……

Square this game could be great. LOC has great lore a great world and is visually and artistically so different than the other team shooters coming out this year. I didnt see a post in the forums about this but…. what is the deal with Soul Reaver not being a playable class I am looking at you Psyonix!


Seriously why is this not a thing?!?

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