Minecraft Story Mode: Episode IV

As we wait for the inevitable release of Minecraft Story mode Episode V its time to review it’s previous installment. As it turns our episode 4 seems to find the answers to all of the shortfalls that plagued previous releases. Warning, this Review WILL have spoilers!


As always we pick up from the finale of Episode III. The Wither is back and has apparently had a few babies. Gabriel has become a useless shell of himself and has amnesia. Petra is practically comatose and depending on your choices one of either Ellegaarde or Magnus is now dead. Things are Grim!

Minecraft Storymode has very fun intro sequences and this trend stays strong in episode IV. You decide to flee to safety as Tractor beams, creepers and skeletons riding spiders block the way in one of the more action packed sequences of the series unfolds. This opening starts a bit of a theme for the episode, it’s action packed. The episode has quite a few battles in it, that you can actually die in!

This episode manages to pack in some homage to some glitches tricks and hacks into what is the largest tributes to Minecraft fandom since episode I. Another addition is some actual puzzles. The game does hold you hand quite a bit in this one however it was much more satisfying than the previous attempts. on a scale of 1-10 i give it a resident evil key score of 4. not exactly rocket science but still mildly satisfying.  I honestly have to applaud TellTale for this episode I can see where there vision was intended to go the entire run of episodes.


Plot holes were filled, secrets were revealed and pork chops were made. Laughs were had in some seriously comedic timing during what is a ironically the saddest moment of the game by far. In episode IV, we get what should and could have been a great finally to the entire series. In a fantastic turn of events we already know Episode V is in the works. I have my theories, and the last boss seems all but obvious. W  ith the new order of the stone formed and after making what felt like the most series affecting choices in the game, I am left hungry for what is waiting for us in episode V.



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