New Descent takes to Kickstarter


Classic PC Flying/Shooter Descent has been taken to Kickstarter to get the reboot treatment from Descendent Studios. Being powered by the Unreal 4 engine, Descendent Studios is looking for $600,000 to fund the title, at the time of this writing, they currently have raised $108,905 with 30 Days left to go.

The Kickstarter page describes the game as follows:

Descent Underground is a first person vehicle shooter in the asteroid fields between Mars and Jupiter. It is 300 years in the future and Earth is overpopulated and running low on natural resources. Giant corporations have taken over the main governments and nationalistic pride is high amongst the people as a way of keeping them focused on enemies rather on the dire situation of rapidly declining resources.

For those who don’t remember the Descent series, the game originally came out in 1994 an distinguished itself from other shooters with its take on a fully 3D first person corridor crawler, giving the player freedom to fly around an asteroid in what was tagged as “six-degrees-of-freedom.”

The team at Descendent Studios also has quite the bit of experience backing up their game, where the team members previous works include the Wing Commander series, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ultima Online, and Star Citizen.