Lets go to Space! – Defect Review!


In the last couple of year, the number of space themed games that have been announced and released has revitalized this amazing genres. The space themed genres had a large amount of popularity within the 80’s and 90’s with amazing titles such as the Wing Commander series, the Homeworld series, Star wars Rogue Squadron series and in the late 2000’s the genres had really faded away from the mainstream except for Mass Effect and Halo. In the past 4 or 5 years the space themed have started to make a comeback into the mainstream with amazing showings from titles such as Elite: Dangerous, star citizen, FTL, kerbal space program, No Man’s Sky and Defect.


Defect is a space ship flying game that is a combination of ship building and action/strategy ship vs ship combat. The game was developed by Three Phase Interactive, a small studio from Melbourne, Australia that was founded in 2011, and Defect is their second release for the studio. In February 2015, Defect was Steam Greenlit in a week and in July 2015 the game was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Defect was released on Steam in Early Access on December 1, 2015, and on July 28, 2016 Defect left Early Access with a full release.


in Defect You play as a captain of a space ship design by yourself and you get to embark en different types mission like taking out space pirates, escort mission, gathering scrap from space, among many more interesting and challenging mission. At the end of every mission your crew defects and leaves you out in space to start over again and build a new ship that more advance and better that the last, also at the end of each levels you receive Sweet Revenge on your former crew by destroying your old ship and them in the process.


The gameplay of Defect is simple to pick up and play with a good control’s from ether the keyboard and mouse or with a controller. At the beginning of each mission you get to build your ship to your liking with over 1 billion customization options, which is really awesome. Each missions in the game has very straight forward objectives and you also have the ability to repair your ship during the mission so you can complete the mission in one piece. When all objectives have been completed your former ship and crew will show up and you must take them down with any means necessary, and when you have defeated them, your current crew boots you off your ship and you get to start all over again on the next mission, and your only hope is to build something better – this time, and every time to come.


I adored the over all look and art style of the graphic’s for Defect, from the amazing ships, the impressive looking explosion and the amazing environments that you get to navigate trough to complete your objectives and defeat your enemies.


The sound design for Defect is very impressive, because Every spaceship creation that you build will have a unique theme soundtrack associated to it, which is crazy cause of the over 1 billion customization options that the game gives you.


As a second title for Three Phase Interactive, Defect is an amazing achievement for this small studio, from the amazing selection of option for ship customization, to the great look of the graphic and the art style of the game, and the fun but yet challenging gameplay of the game. My only real thing that i was not a fan of was that at the end of each mission that your crew would boot you off your ship and you would have to start over again, It just kind of makes me feel stupid for trusting these people over and over again just to get ripped off at the end of each mission…but that might be just me. Other than that I really enjoyed playing Defect, it’s a great Indy title and a solid addition to the space themed game genres.

Defect is now on steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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