Infinium Strike coming to PS4 this fall, PC July 14th


Codex World, an indie game studio consisting of ex Ubisoft members, will be bringing their Kickstarter-funded starship tower-defence game, Infinium Strike to PS4 and Xbox One sometime in Q3 2016. Meanwhile the game will launch on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on July 14th 2016.

The game sets you up as the weapons engineer of the Freedom Strike, a massive, one-of-a-kind ship that is humanity’s last and best chance of combating an alien race known as The Wrog who is hell-bent on exterminating humanity. Using interchangeable turrets, a drone fleet, and SuperTech weaponry, players must protect the Freedom Strike from The Wrog in a 3D space enviroment through a campaign and endless arcade mode.

“After announcing Infinium Strike would be coming to Xbox One and showing the game at PAX and GDC, PlayStation owners demanded Infinium Strike,” said Dexter Chow, CEO of Codex Worlds. “We are thrilled to have such a passionate fan base and will continue diligently working to deliver the experience they expect.”

A playable demo is available on the game’s steam page to give you a taste of the game’s unique take on Tower-Defence style games.