Radiohead -Burn The Witch and Daydreaming – New music highlight

This past week, Radiohead released 2 new singles for their ninth studio album, no title has been given to the new album by the band and the album will be digitally releasing on May 8, with a physical release on June 17.

Burn The Witch is the first single of the new album, the band launched the video on may 3, the sound is Radiohead at its purest form with those powerful but yet melodic vocals from Thom Yorke, the perfectly instrumental accompaniment and a classically messed up stop-motion animated video. According to producer Nigel Godrich the band has been working on the song since recording session for Kid A in 1999-2000.

Daydreaming is the second single the was released on may 6 same as burn the witch, the music styling is classic Radiohead, the video for the song is a beautifully shot simple film, with Thom Yorke going through many door ways and up many flights of stairs, and at the end of the video he ends up at some snow covered mountains.

After listening to the two first singles of the new album, I have a good felling that the rest of the album will be amazing.