Here are your free games for January.



It’s time to start 2015 with a bang and Games with Gold and PSPlus are looking to do just that with new additions to their Instant Game Collections.

Starting off with Games for Gold, Xbox One players will be receiving the Kinect-based murder mystery title D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. An interesting title from the creator of Deadly Premonition which follows the Episodic game template, the title will contain the first two episodes of the series.



Xbox 360 Players will definitely be getting a bit more variety, starting January 1st players will be able to download MX vs ATV: Alive, another relic from the THQ days that was an interesting yet failed experiment when launched, launching at $39.99 with DLC packages to upgrade the title if you want, the game didn’t sell enough to warrant the further DLC despite decent reviews. It will be available up until the 16th, in which CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition will be available, a great title just in time to get caught up with before the next highly anticipated chapter in Geralt’s adventure.


Playstation Plus update will hit on January 6th, for PS4 you can expect the stand-alone expansion to Infamous: Second Son, Infamous: First Light, which features the Neon based Conduit Fetch prior to the events of the Playstation Game of the Year nominee. Joining will be The Swapper, an atmospheric indie puzzle game.


PS3 owners will get to solve a mystery or re-write history in Wayforward and Capcom’s HD remake of Ducktales, which features the return of the original voice cast, and updated graphics from the original NES game. For those looking for a bloody superhero/villain game, Activision’s Shapeshifting-devouring bloodbath Prototype 2 will also be available for download.


Vita owners, if you’re out of bubble gum then you can kick ass in Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, and the Classic Mario Bros inspired Whoa Dave will satisfy your retro kicks.

As always, some of these titles are Cross-Buy enabled. The Swapper will be available for all three platforms, while Duke Nukem can be played for both the Vita and PS3, finally Whoa Dave will also be supporting the Cross-buy when it launches on the PS4 later in 2015.