Final Fantasy XV footage shows off the Titan, and a female Cid

The gaming, anime and maga convention, Jump Festa 2015, is well under way in Chiba Japan and Square Enix had released a major trailer full of new gameplay info and characters for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Not only did the trailer made people excited for the game as it was supposed to, FFXV director Hajime Tabata took some time to dive into some Q&A to give us even more information about the game and its development.

Kotaku was kind enough to post some translated excerpts from the event that you can read in full here, but lets talk about some of the major key points that Tabata mentioned.

The first of which was the introduction of The Titan, which was shown as the main characters were fighting it, Tabata confirmed that the creature will be a summon and that they are looking to have the summon be at the same size, which to say the least is MASSIVE. Tabata wanted to include the Titan as a summon for the upcoming demo that will be included with early copies Final Fantasy Type-0 HD however it is a summon that is very close to the story. Instead a new summon will be made for the demo itself to give players a taste of how capturing and using summons will be used in the game.


Tabata also mentioned that they want the Towns to be seamless to keep the feeling that everything in the world is connected, however do expect some loading times when going to important locations. The big bit of gameplay news actually involved with how players level up, as Camping and resting will now be a essential part of the gameplay. Players who don’t rest while the game continues it’s day/night cycle will find themselves unable to receive power-ups that will come from resting and eating. Players will be able to gain experience throughout the game, however they can only level up when they camp or rest at an inn or a hotel.


One of the big reveals in the trailer was the introduction of series mechanic Cid… Well, in this case Cidney. Cidney will not be playable in the game however she will be essential to the players adventure as a mechanic who will work on your vehicles.

As someone who has not been excited for a Final Fantasy title in a long long time, FFXV is shaping up to be one of the best looking RPG’s we’ve ever seen, and everything we’re hearing is just getting us hyped up for more, of course we’ll actually get to see how the game actually plays when Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is released this March.


  • Adilaris Gallant

    I actually like the Cidney character so far. It stays to the mechanic roots while breaking the male-only mold. Also Titan appears to be carrying something big; sort of reminds me of the Atlus story. : ) Pretty hyped for this game.