Games with Gold and PSPlus update for February 2016

It’s been a while since we talked about the free games coming to your console’s online subscription, and while we would love to say we’ve been busy these past couple months, it’s not really an excuse. So we’re back on track with a brand new list of Free Games for Xbox’s Games with Gold and Playstation’s PSPlus Instant Game Collection!


Starting with the Xbox 360, from February 1st-15th, subscribers will be able to download Sacred Citadel, a side-scrolling Beat’em up with RPG elements and serves as a prologue to Sacred 3. Replacing it on February 16th-29th is Epic Games’ Gears of War 2, the final game in the GoW series to be released for the Games for Gold service. Both games will be completely backwards compatible with the Xbox One.


Players will also be able to pick up a copy of Hand of Fate, a hybrid mix of a roguelike RPG and a card game, anytime during the month of February. Meanwhile Focus Home Interactive’s Styx: Master of Shadows will join the party on February 15th to March 15th.


Moving to PSPlus, we have great line-up hitting all Sony platforms on February 2nd, which the triple cross-buy title Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back, which will be available on PS4, PS3 and Vita. Joining it on PS4 is Nom Nom Galaxy, a platforming, mining, base construction, resource management, tower defence about making soup.


On PS3 we have a great Fighter from Atlus and Arc System Works, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, the sequel to the 2012 best fighting game of the year. If the idea of fighting people with your inner self doesn’t sound like fun, then you can hit the road with Grid Autosport.


Finally, The Vita gets some love with Curve Studios Nova-111 and Lemmings Touch.