Devolver Digital offers to publish Metal Wolf Chaos in the west if From Software allows it


Here is a quick history lesson, before From Software became forever known as the developers behind the punishing Demon/Dark Souls series, the studio released a game back on the original Xbox called Metal Wolf Chaos.

Metal Wolf Chaos is a Mech based game which places players in the shoes of the President of the United States of America, who drew similarities to then President George W. Bush, as he piloted his Mech “Metal Wolf” against the Vice President who usurped the President and started creating atrocities which included re-establishing slavery.

This is one of those stories in which in the middle of explaining the game you would find yourself saying “and I s**t you not!”

The did not see a release outside of Japan, however back in 2012, a series of Youtube audio clips, reviews and Let’s Plays started showing up for the game. This brought in demand for it, and raised the game’s price on Ebay up to $150 to $170 dollars in 2012.

That brings us to today, when publisher Devolver Digital sent out a Tweet stating that if From Software was interested in bringing the game stateside that they were interested in helping.

Currently there is no word on if From Software will take them up on the offer, but there is always hope now that the offer is out there. Either way, I’ll take any excuse I can get to write about this ridiculously awesome game.

  • Adilaris Gallant

    I remember this, basically it’s a surreal parody of how some Japanese think Americans think of America. haha.