EVE: Valkyrie To Support Cross-Platform VR


EVE: Valkrie developer, CCP Games, have recently announced that their flagship game has transitioned from being an Oculus Rift exclusive to natively supporting all 3 primary VR platforms.

To clarify, the game will only be a TIMED exclusive for the rift, then become available to the VIVE and PSVR later this year.  In short,  once all VR platforms are available, you’ll be play against anyone who owns a copy of the game, regardless of what VR headgear they own.


CCP Games also talked a little about a free expansion to the game called Carrier Assault; where you and some teammates work together to take down a massive carrier ship loaded with turrets and shields. The objective once the shield is down is to fly in and destroy the Carrier’s core.  This would make for an interesting change of pace outside of good old dog-fighting.