King of Fighters XIV release date, DLC and Day One edition detailed

Atlus and SNK have announce the North American release date for the upcoming King of Fighter XIV, which will return the series to its 3v3 fighting with over 50 characters out of the box, all looking stunning with new 3D character graphics.


The game will launch in North America on August 23rd 2016, those who pre-order the game will get the Day One Edition which will give you an awesome looking collectible steelbook which series mainstay Kyo Kusanagi. For everyone who picks up the game during its first week, you’ll also have access to Kyo’s original King of Fighters costume as a DLC option for free.

Atlus also released two trailers, the first (above) highlighting all the content that you’ll see in the game when it’s released including the new online party mode and the in-depth story mode. The second trailer (below) shows off two more characters, the new and mysterious Shun’Ei, and Samurai Showdown favourite, Nakoruru.

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