Castle Crashers getting a Xbox One remaster very soon.


The Behemoth’s superhit brawler Castle Crashers will get a whole new generation as a newly remastered version will be coming to the Xbox One on September 9th. Literally 3 days away (at the time of this writing.)

Castle Crashers Remastered will up the 2D brawler to 60 fps (over the original 30) and add textures that are five times larger than those in the first game. Players can also look forward to “performance updates” and gameplay tweaks as well as the ability to find online games “easier and quicker.” Finally there will also be a new mini-game mode added, called Back Off Barbarian, which looks like a weird tile-based game of tag between your crashers and Barbarian enemies.

The remastered edition will be priced at $15 but there are some good news for those who already own the 360 version, as you’ll be able to pick up the game for free until September 20th. After which the game for returning players will be priced at $5.