Call of duty – Know Your Enemy trailer

Activision just released a trailer for this year Call of Duty game that is supposedly going to be called Infinite Warfare, it supposedly takes place in the distance future, from what I could understand of the 33 second trailer is that the guy that is talking, is the leader or a member of the Settlement Defense Front and they are declaring a call to arms against another group, also In the trailer there was glimpses of “Nuk3town offline” and the same image of a skull being showed multiple times.

In the coming days we will get a full description with another trailer of what the game is actually going to be, the game is most likely going to be developed by Infinity Ward and will be released in November as per usual. There has also been details that have been released in the past couple of days that infinity ward is going to included an HD remake of 2007 Modern Warfare with the Legacy edition of the game.

But for now watch the Trailer and Know Your Enemy…