Final Fantasy XIV gets Yo-Kai Watch minions


Yo-Kai Watch, Level-5’s hit 3DS and anime series, has been taking the world by storm. So much so that the creatures of the game will be joining another magical world thanks to a crossover deal with Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XIV will see several Yo-Kai’s as summonable minions, including series mascots Jibanyan and Whisper. The game will also feature several weapons based on the series, including a flying Whisper mount and their own Yo-Kai Watch.

These will be available for the Japanese versions as part of an upcoming event to celebrate Yo-Kai Watch 3’s official launch in Japan in July. Final Fantasy characters will also make an appearance in Yo-Kai Watch 3, with a Chocobo and Moogle becoming Yo-Kai under the names of becoming Chocobonyan and Mooglinyan.

Mooglinyan chocobonyan

No word on if we’ll see the crossover content outside of Japan as of yet despite the rising popularity of the the handheld RPG. The first Yo-Kai Watch game came out in North America earlier this year on Nintendo 3DS.