BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle add RWBY and others to the mix

Okay while it’s not the RWBY fighting game we were hoping for when rumours of “something RWBY related to be announced at EVO”, it’s still pretty damn cool as RWBY protagonist Ruby Rose will be taking on characters from Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena and UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH, in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

Actually it’s even better because here is all our favourite Arc System Works Fighters in one place and we’ll get Ruby joining them! This is kind of a fighting cross-over dream right here.

While Ruby we don’t get to see Ruby in action as she appeared at the end of the video (teases), the game did show off some of the combat we’d expect to see in the upcoming fighter, which features Arc System Works stylized 2D fighting mechanics plus the addition of a new Tag feature that will allow players to swap in and out of combat. While only the 4 characters are confirmed at this moment, it’ll be interesting to see who else from Arc’s library will get pulled into the battle. Or if we’ll see any other RWBY characters join the fight.

Speaking of RWBY, the latest season (Volume 5) of the 3D-anime from Rooster Teeth Productions is set for an October 14 premiere. To celebrate the announcement, Rooster Teeth’s Animation Team released a new character trailer featuring Weiss. If you haven’t checked out this show yet, it comes highly recommended.