Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard dominates Tekken 7

There are very few opponents who can stand up to Heiachi Mishima in a fight and be completely matched, however if there would be one person we’d put our money on in a Death Battle, it would be the main baddie from the Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series, Geese Howard.

Powerful with a wide range of attacks including heavy punches and kicks, as well as some ranged specials, Geese Howard is an unstoppable force and if Akuma was any indication, he’s going to fit right in taking on the cast of fighters in Tekken 7 when he comes out later this year.

Announced at Evo this past weekend, Geese represents one of two special guest fighters that Bandai Namco has teased as DLC for the game. Geese plays similar to his Fatal Fury version, featuring the same outfit and even a throwback to the ending of the original game for good measure. Bandai Namco has only given a release window of Winter 2017.

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