Bear vs Methlab brings multiplayer mini-game destruction next year

Are there not enough illegal narcotics or genocidal animals in your games?

Whitebox Interactive announced Bear vs Methlab, a frantic mini-game collection with emphasis on physics and destruction. The game will feature competitions which includes the destruction of drug labs, puke fests, explosive-laden sports matches and a platform fighting game mode called Super Smash Bears.

In case you needed a reason for the bears to destroy the methlabs, don’t worry, there is a story.:

The story, best described as a multi-dimensional space opera, begins when history’s worst war criminal and time-traveling necromancer hatches a plot to cook and sell meth to fund his genocidal wars in alternate universes. Only an infinite number of bears from parallel universes can stop Hitler, and put an end to his evil.

Yep. Stop Hitler from making and selling meth to fun his wars in alternate universes. On a personal note, this is the best synopsis to anything I’ve ever read.

Bear vs Methlab is currently looking for $30,000 via Kickstarter, but we’ve been assured that the game will be coming if they hit the goal or not and that the crowdfunding is designed to expand the game with more number of mini games and levels.

You can check out the game on their Kickstarter page, or view the trailer above and the gallery below.

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