Here is a quick look at the “Champions” of Quake

We were all pretty excited to see one of the original (and favourite) arena based multiplayer shooter making a comeback on PC. Now we were given more details about the ‘Champions’ that will be taking on the new bloody battles in a Bethesda produced interview with id Software’s creative director Tim Willits from this year’s E3.

In the Quake Champions trailer, we got a quick glimpse of 4 champions, 2 returning from past Quake titles and 2 newbies.  While the gameplay remains widely untouched, each Champion will have a special ability to assist them in the tournament, a similar mechanic to what you may find in Hero based shooters like Overwatch, or similar to Nexon’s Free-To-Play Ghost In the Shell game.

The cast of ‘Champions’ include Ranger, the battle-harden hero of the original Quake game, who has the ability to teleport via a “dire orb,” a throwback to the final level of the original Quake. Joining Ranger is Visor, one of the playable characters from Quake 3 Arena who has the power to see through walls and other barriers.

Finally we have the new blood, Nyx and Scale Bearer, a fast paced character with the power to turn invisible and a tank class character who can “bull rush” opponents. Both new characters indicates that we may see specialized stats for all the champions when the game launches.

If you want to see the champions, check out the gallery below. There is currently no release date for Quake Champions, but the game will be exclusive to the PC.

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