Bayonetta 2 Nintendo specific costumes provide some special nods


When Nintendo showed off Bayonetta 2 during it’s Digital Event during E3, information was dropped about new Nintendo specific costumes for the Wii U port of the original Bayonetta, which includes Princess Peach’s Dress, Link’s Tunic and Samus’ Power Armour. These costume do more than just make the title character look good though, they also provide some extra nods that change audio cues and visual attacks. Isao Negishi wrote about the new garments and what we can expect when using them.


Starting with Princess Peach, while wearing the iconic pink dress and green brooch will allow her to summon Bowser for her summon strikes. Bowser’s arm and legs will come out of the summoning portal to crush Bayonetta’s opponents, leaving a trail of coins in his wake.


Link’s Tunic allows Bayonetta to use the Master Sword to pumble her opponents, but also takes audio cues from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which include opening treasure chests, Collecting Rupees and Link’s iconic screaming. Like with Bowser’s coins, it appears from screenshots that when enemies are defeated while using the Link costume Rupees are dropped.


There was hardly any information about Samus’ Armour, which was requested by the creator of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya. What was included was that players can control the visor on the costume at any point and time in the game, screenshots hint at Bayonetta gun attacks are replaced by Samus’ cannon.

Bayonetta 2 will launch in October of this year, and will include the original Bayonetta game bundled for the system.

Source: PlatinumGames