Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China gets a Launch trailer

If you’re unsure what a 2.5D Platforming Assassin’s Creed game would look like, then you better take a look at this gorgeous trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, which launches later today.

Developed by Climax studios (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) in association with Ubisoft Montreal, Chronicles China is set to be the first of 3 games, linking to India and Russia in later instalments. The game focuses on Shao Jun, the last surviving member of her brotherhood on a quest for vengance, in which players will travel to famous real-world places like the Maijishan Grottoes, the Port of Macau, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China.

The game will be available later today for $10 on PS4 and Xbox One.