EA shutting down 4 Free-to-play classics on July 19th


While you probably wouldn’t think about them much today, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, Fifa World and Need For Speed World were strong standing free-to-play games. However according to Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president of EA Studios, these games are “not as popular as they once were,” prompting EA to announce the four games to be shut down on July 19th.

“These were pioneering experiences, and we’re humbled that, over the years, so many of you joined us to enjoy the games and the community,” said Söderlund. “While we say farewell to these free-to-play titles in the next few months, we are always exploring new concepts and ways to bring great games to more players around the world.”

Battlefield Heroes was the first Free-to-play title from EA, released in June 2009 and was well received for a F2P game. It opened up the doors for Need For Speed World in July 2010, and the more realistic Battlefield Play4Free in April 2011. Fifa World is the youngest of the 4 being launched by EA Canada in May 2014.

EA wanted to stress that the Free-to-Play Star Wars: The Old Republic will not be affected by these shutdowns as it “continues to have a very enthusiastic and growing player community.”