Actor and Director confirms Silent Hills is dead. *UPDATE* KONAMI RESPONDS


As much as we keep holding on to hope that Silent Hills would still be in production, we have to let go. While we’re still missing the final say from Konami, two key figures attached to the title, being director Guillermo del Toro and Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus have both have stated that the project is cancelled.

Guillermo del Toro was quoted saying “It’s not gonna happen and that breaks my greasy heart,” to attendees who asked about the project at a film festival in San Francisco. Norman Reedus also expressed his disappointment via twitter saying: “Super bummed about this was really looking forward to it. Hopefully it’ll come back around. Sorry everyone.”

Questions arose about the projects future shortly after Hideo Kojima’s name was removed from the Metal Gear Solid 5 site and news of his departure from Konami. As no official word was given it was believed that the project was still alive, however hope was leaving the project after news of the game’s Playable Teaser (PT) was leaving the Playstation Network later this week.

As a fan of the Silent Hill series and one of those who kept hope that the title would still push on somehow, this is a huge disappointment. PT was a breath of fresh air after a string of disappointing sequels, and really felt like the team-up could produce something magical. Here’s hoping that the project will come back around in the near furture, however unlikely that may be.


Konami responded to the speculation that the game had been cancelled. It appears that the title is undergoing some major changes after the publisher confirmed to GameSpot that their contract with Norman Reedus had expired.

When asked about Silent Hills directly the publisher responded: “We will continue to develop the Silent Hill series.”

So we will see more Silent Hill games in the future, just not the one we were expecting/hoping for.