343 Announces All Guardians Maps Will Be Free, and No Xbox Live Gold For Online Co-Op


Huge news for Halo fans today from Microsoft’s 343 team, not just one, but two major announcements for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians.

First up: all Guardians multiplayer map DLC will be completely free of charge. This is something that the 343 team decided on with intentions of “keeping the player base united”. Considering how much extra DLC is for most major titles now (some as high as $60 for a season pass), this is great news for the Halo community, and for gamers on the fence about joining the Halo universe. This could also be a ploy to help lure new customers to Xbox One, but that is up for speculation.

The other big announcement: Xbox Live Gold will NOT be required to play online Co-op. This is something that I don’t think has happened on Xbox. Again, this seems to be a move intended on bringing the Halo community together, giving everyone a chance to complete the campaign with a full team. Surely this can’t be all the major news for Halo, since E3 is just a few days away