Ninja Theory’s Hellblade offers a look into mental illness

DmC and Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory are doing something different with their independently published title, Hellblade. The game’s E3 trailer was released earlier today and gave us a look at the game’s protagonist, Senua, a Celtic warrior traumatized from an Viking invasion.

Due to this invasion, Senua develops a mental illness, and manifests a version of hell from it.
Ninja Theory explains that the game will have players “see the world through Senua’s eyes, and in doing so, address a s subject that is still considered taboo.” Being able to publish the game independently will help the team by giving them “the freedom to tackle a subject as challenging as mental health,” and promises the portrayal will be “both accurate and sensitive.”

To help make this an accurate protrayal, the team has been working with professor of neuroscience as well as consulting “directly with people who have experience of mental health difficulties.” The game is also supported by a charitable foundation called Wellcome Trust, which is committed to greater public understanding of science and health.

Hellblade is definitely a different title for the team and it’s trailer certainly gives it a unique feel. HellBlade is currently set for release on PS4 and Windows, more information about the game is expected at E3 next week.