You no longer need a VR set to play Star Trek Bridge Crew

While one of the big appeals of Ubisoft’s Star Trek Bridge Crew was its co-operative take on controlling one of the Star Trek Universe ships with several friends or acquaintances and take on challenges while making you feel like you’re actually in the shoes of a member of starfleet thanks to VR. However the VR aspect of the game made it a steep access point for the game.

However that will no longer be a problem as Ubisoft has updated the game to allow non VR players to enjoy the game. Anyone who has the game PS4 or PC version of the game will be able to control their character with a controller or mouse and keyboard, and join up with players their VR gaming friends.

Ubisoft also stated that the update also adds “enhanced Windows Mixed Reality Support” and they also promised “more options for players to explore uncharted space.”

Now that the VR hurdle is gone from Bridge Crew, are you more interested in the Co-Operative Star Trek game? Let us know in the comments.