What Were They Thinking? – Viewer’s Choice: Nick Fury – Agent of Shield

The movie for this episode was brought to us by a viewer named Matt Jennings. To him, we say…

Go to hell. You suck. You’re awful. Why? How? WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS? Do you hate us? DO YOU? ARE YOU AN ASSASSIN?!

Just kidding.

BUT SERIOUSLY, this episode features the absolute WORST movie we have ever covered for this here podcast. Worse than a movie based on a kids dreams featuring Windows 95 screensaver graphics? CHECK. Worse than Harrison Ford “seducing” a lady? CHECK. Worse than a “brainy” Kevin Costner thriller? YUP.

Nick Fury. David Hasselhoff. Nuff said.

Watch along as we tell tales of our suffering (along with our returning guest Joshua Kotsabasakis) after witnessing the cinematic equivalent to a fleshborne illness.

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