What Were They Thinking? – Tammy & the T-Rex

It’s quite possibly the most cuckoo bananas movie that Nathan and Brendan have ever covered so luckily they had some help along the way in the form of Kaleigh Stultz as well as Steve & Izzy from the great podcast “Everything I Learned from Movies.”

The five (!) of them talk about all sorts of things in this crazy film from the honour-system zoo that exists in California, dickfights, corpses being rolled up like shag carpet, brains in punch bowls, clever names like Sheriff Black (an African-American police officer) and Billy Bad (one of the villains) and so much more (and we didn’t even mention the T-Rex itself there so we’re talking A LOT more)! Plus: In the spirit of two of our guests, Nathan does his own beer review.

Also: listen in for a clue regarding the next great movie that will be covered.

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