Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni listed by European Retailer


With the long list of “I stopped expecting this game to come to North America/Europe because of Censorship/Cultural Confusion” ever growing, one of the titles that tops that list is Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni for the PSVita. A series which main plot involves girls who have been infected with a virus and turn into weapons when “sexually aroused.” Developed my Marvelous (the team behind the Senran Kagura series), the game is a 3D action brawler which you play as one of several different teams of characters in dynamic battles.

Back in January, it was series creator Kenichiro Takaki that the game was only going to be released in Japan. However, UK-based retailer Shopto has listed the game for a short time yesterday, suggesting that an english release may be on its way. Before the listing was taken down, it also showed that PQube as the game’s publisher.

While retailer leaks are usually good indication that the game will be coming, we haven’t heard any official from Marvelous or PQube about the potential release, let alone the game’s release in North America. However, to add fuel to the fire, NicheGamer has pointed out that PQube actually liking a Tweet from a fan about the potential release. PQube normally releases games in Europe, however they are set to release Gal*Gun Double Peace internationally.