Ubisoft teases a new game, rumoured to be a new Far Cry Spin-Off


Here at Gameitall we try not to jump to conclusions when it comes to un-announced games until we have the 100% reveal from the publisher, after all, we don’t want to look like asses. So when Ubisoft started showing off a live teaser stream for a new upcoming game, we weren’t sure on what it could be.

Highlighted on the Ubisoft Homepage as well as its social media and Youtube accounts, the Live feed shows a cave drawing of a man with a spear and a bow, with tribal chanting and animal noses blasting through the audio. The only other hint to the game was the message saying that “Survival is Timeless.”

Then the Leaks started, first with IGN Turkey posting a quick post about Far Cry: Primal, a spin-off title to Ubisoft’s GOTY winning FPS series. This does seem to be the likely situation considering the poll a few months back asking what players would like to see in a Far Cry Spin-off title.

While the Livestream is still showing the teaser images, we’re expecting to hear from Ubisoft soon about the possible announcement.

So what do you think this teaser is for? Do you want to see another Far Cry Spin-Off? Let us know in the comments below.