Ubisoft E3 2015 Conference


When the conference started the first thing that we saw was clearly South Park and I was like WHAT…Awesome!  So they showed the trailer, so in the trailer they started off with the game looking like it was a sequel to stick of truth and then they are like no we are doing super heroes and it’s called “South Park: The Fractured But Whole”, and after the trailer South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone came out on stage to talk more about the game.

For Honor

Next up was a brand new IP for Ubisoft Called “For Honor” witch is a hack and slash feature Knight’s, Vikings and samurais in a battle arena for glory! The combat looks amazing and also you control your sword with your right analog stick giving you much more precise control. After the trailer they showed off 4v4 multiplayer and it looked glorious.

The expansions

There are two games getting new expansion content in the coming months the first is The Crew it’s getting the Wild Run expansion and it is new selection of cars, bikes, monster trucks and much more for this already crazy game, and it lunches November 17 2015.

Afterwards it was Trials Fusion with Awesome level Max, you have a cat wielding a gun ridding a unicorn “WTF just CRAZY!”

The division

The next big game in the Tom Clancy collection of games, this puts you in New York after a virus outbreak, during the game play trailer a gameplay was shown of the “Dark Zone” aka the bad side of town where it’s the worst place to go. Probably the best part about the game that was shown is that you can complete the missions and split the loot with your allies or at the last minute you can stab your allies in the back and keep all the loot for yourself. The game just looks amazing and it releases on March 8 2016

ANNO 2205

Next up is the continuation of the ANNO series for the PC, in this new version of the game the year is 2205 and you have to continue to build the human race and you have the ability to colonize the moon in this version of the game. It’s absolutely a gorgeous strategy game and it’s supposed to release in November 2015.

Just Dance

The crazy dancing game is back for a new instalment, yet again it’s being released on all major consoles and the awesome thing for this new version of the game you don’t need to use a camera to play the game all you need is a phone to play the game and you’re good to go.


Rainbow Six Siege

Next up was Rainbow Six Siege, it’s the next installment in the amazing Rainbow Six series of games, and the gameplay looks amazing. For the story they have Angela Bassett as the Director of the of the Rainbow Six organization, and her role in the game is super similar to Kevin Spacey role in Cod Advance Warfare last year. The thing that is kind of odd with this game is that we have been told that there is going to be a single player campaign but in the year that we have known about the game all we have seen at last years and this year’s Ubisoft conference has been a multiplayer/coop experience which makes it look like they are hiding something. The beta starts September 24 and the game lunches October 13.

Trackmania Turbo

The crazy track racing game on the PC is coming to next Gen consoles, it looks just crazy fun. And also there was word that the game supports VR.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

They showed off a new trailer for the game it had a lot of new content for the game and it looks like it’s going to be a lot better than Unity was.

And as they do every year they have a new game for last and this year was no exception, they showed off a massive open world third person shooter, Ghost Recon: WildLands.