Ubisoft confirms a single player campaign for For Honor.

Unlike Ubisoft’s recent release, Rainbow Six Siege, the studio has confirmed that their upcoming Samurai/Viking/Knight hack’n’slash game For Honor will have a single player campaign.

“One of the big questions we receive in feedback is about the solo campaign,” Producer Stephane Cardin says in the “Producer Highlights” video (see above). “We said that we will have a solo campaign, and I can promise you that we will have a solo campaign. It’s one of the key subjects we are working on, on the floor. I can’t wait to show stuff to you guys, and we’ll do it as early as possible, like we did with the multiplayer.”

For Honor was shown at E3 last year as team based hack’n’slash multiplayer game which impressed the audience with it’s unique take on close quarter combat. No details on how the story will incorporate Samurai, Vikings, and Knights in a death battle or a release date at the moment.